The PoliMUNDUS Network was established as a joint commitment of the funding partners for the continued pursue of excellence in Engineering Research. The network was created for the extended development of the results attained through the Erasmus Mundus TEE consortium, funded by the European Commission. The objective of the network is to promote excellence in engineering research, within the thematic areas of common interest. This objective shall be carried out through the following activities:

  1. Facilitate institutional exchanges of students, teachers, researchers and services and administrative staff for limited periods of time, following standardized procedures similar to those established in an Erasmus bilateral agreement or in an equivalent bilateral agreement with a non-European Higher Education Institution.
  2. Promote the participation in projects and bilateral and multilateral academic and research programmes.
  3. Cooperate in training programmes for researchers and technical staff.
  4. Whatever other activities that are considered of mutual interest, based on the availability of both parties and the activities that constitute the object of the Network.

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